Mother of the Seasons
"Seasons may change,

winter to spring...."




Selective. Mun and muse are 18+. Nsfw possible, but not required. Meganna has many faces, and the proper one will be chosen based on the situation.

☾ ⊱ Fall


In the last few days the Master had noticed that something was different about Meganna’s behaviour. He couldn’t quite pinpoint it and he didn’t want to bluntly ask her, therefore he waited for the right opportunity to do so. 

Right now he was down in his laboratory, working on a new setting for his laser screwdriver as he had been doing all night long. 

      ☾    ⊱   Finally finding the strength, the Goddess stood off her bed. The clothes she’d been wearing were now too big, and she detested the extra effort of changing her clothes in this weakened state. Finding a pair of leather pants and a fur top, Meganna slipped on her boots and looked in the mirror. Yep, there she was, that characteristic Ginger of Fall.

      ☾    ⊱   Pushing the unruly hair from her eyes (for now, at least), the Goddess stepped from her room and moved down the stairs, looking into the lab quietly. How would the Master take this change? She had no idea. But waiting around wouldn’t help much. So Meganna quietly made her way into the room and stood beside him. “What are you working on?” she asked softly, trying not to startle him.

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☾ ⊱ Fall


          ⊱   "I hate that," the Goddess mumbled, her body freshly reformed for the new season. Fall left her starving, but once the transformation was complete, she felt much better. Sitting up from her bed, Meganna stretched and looked out the window. "Well. Time to get to work."

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What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

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when I find myself in times of trouble, the twelfth doctor comes to me, speaking words of wisdom




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☀ ⊱ Almost Time

      ☀    ⊱   "This is it."

      ☀    ⊱   The Goddess lay in her bed, thin and frail. Her hair had lost its luster, her face was pasty and dull, and she could hardly lift a finger. Even talking was a great strain on the once spiritedly Goddess. “Fall comes in two days,” she whispers, her body confirming how close the seasons were to changing, “I lay dying. And yet, through this Season, no one has come to see me. No one has come to play with me. My lovers are gone, by friends I’ve been forgotten…” She has to stop and take a deep breath. She would be crying, but the starvation has taken her tears. “But next season… Maybe next season, things may change,” Meganna whispers, a faint glow of that familiar sparkle in her eyes, “Maybe next season, my life will be full of warmth and friendship once more. Maybe… Maybe…”

      ☀    ⊱   The Goddess falls into sleep, her energy for the day entirely spent on her conversation with no one.

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if you wanna get with me

there’s some things you gotta know.

like that come little children

is by edgar allen poe.