Mother of the Seasons
"Seasons may change,

winter to spring...."




Mainverse with ice-master-kristoff. ALWAYS happy to do AUs, mun is a HUGE multishipper :3 Selective. Mun and muse are 18+. Nsfw possible, but not required. Meganna has many faces, and the proper one will be chosen based on the situation.


if you wanna get with me

there’s some things you gotta know.

like that come little children

is by edgar allen poe.

wow i feel like fucking shit

Not expecting anyone to be home, Meg walked naked into the bathroom, her towel folded at her side. Gripping the shower curtain, she pulled it aside and nearly screamed. "Master!" She cried, covering her eyes with both hands, "I-I--"



Meganna’s cry made the Master turn around halfway until he could actually see her. “Welcome home, Meg?” he asked in an amused voice, but didn’t bothered to cover himself up - after all, she had walked in on him, not the other way around therefore. “Can I help you with something..?”

"Be careful what you ask for, my dear", he cooed and caressed her cheek with his thumb, running it over her amazingly soft skin, "Because I’m not like any other man. I’m a Time Lord, and if you want to feel my full power you should be sure that you know how to handle it."

Bending down he pressed a kiss to the mark on her neck and teased the reddened skin with his tongue. At the same time he let his free hand wander from her cheek down to her chest and then her abdomen, where her nightgown was closed with a thin fabric belt. With quick fingers he undid her belt and pushed her nightgown open. 
"Are you sure that you can handle me, Meganna? Last chance, my dear.."

      ☀    ⊱   At this point Meganna wasn’t sure if he was truly warning her or simply stroking his ego. It could have been both, but she opted for the latter. His lips teased the skin of her neck, causing her to intake a sharp breath, her body arching into the soft fingers that pushed her nightgown away. She considered it for a moment, before nodding slowly and caressing his cheek. “I’m sure I can handle you, my love,” she murmured, meeting his gaze.


If it makes the shippers cry, does it mean I’m doing it right? :P

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